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Our Law Firm regularly provides legal services to borrowing companies and financial enterprises in connection with financing transactions provided by financial institutions, commonly known as bank loans.

Therefore, we are aware of the sectoral rules for bank loans, the structure of the typical products of the financial sector and the conditions under which these corporate financing deals are safe and reasonable.

In connection with bank financing transactions, our Law Firm provides the following legal services:
  • preparation of complete loan documentation for credit institutions and financial enterprises;
  • review of loan documentation for borrowing companies;
  • establishing the structure of certain transactions and products, ensuring their compliance with the civil and sectoral laws;
  • establishing the collateral system for financing transactions and ensuring their compliance with the relevant laws;
  • legal review of other transactional documents (sale and purchase agreements, etc.) related to the purpose of the transactions;
  • participation in financing negotiations, keeping contact with the participants of the transaction (financial enterprise, client, notary public).
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