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Technology & Blockchain & Digital Rights

Our Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of the technology industry. Our team members have been providing full scale legal support to technology startups and software development companies for years.

We are proud that we have already provided legal services concerning several projects using blockchain technology, despite the fact that legal services related to blockchain technology are not widespread in Hungary yet. Our services included the legal supervision of the product development and the legal review of white papers, as well as the token structures.

Our main legal services related to technology projects are the following:
  • contributing to product development (including legal review of the white paper and tokenomics);
  • preparation of the complete legal documentation (terms of use, data protection policy, etc.) related to softwares, applications and websites;
  • preparation of domestic and cross-border agreements for software and/or application development;
  • legal support and document drafting for the cooperation of and investments in technology startups;
  • legal advice and representation in connection with the enforcement of digital rights.
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